Online Preparation Websites and Strategies for SSC CGL

It is quite common among Indians to seek a government job as it provides job stability and a standard income. After the UPSC examinations, the SSC CGL exam is the leading examination that most graduate students appear for. It is quite a long process starting from the application to the commencement of the examination.

Candidates opting for the SSC CGL examination start preparing long before the exam actually commences. If any candidate cracks the exam, he can get placed in the official designations in the ministries or other departments. A person placed in any of the posts after cracking the SSC CGL gets the salary according to Group-B or Group-C structures. 

For any applicant appearing for this examination, the preparation is expected to be done in an excellent manner. You can always refer to various websites where you can get access to study materials. The model question papers will also be available in some sites to provide you with a clear idea regarding the syllabus. Here you will come to know about marks distribution, different websites and the preparation strategies in brief.

SSC CGL syllabus modules with allotted marks

The syllabus modules of SSC CGL are mentioned here in detail:

Subject Module 


General reasoning and intelligence

50 Marks

General Awareness (Different subjects and fields)

50 Marks

English Comprehension

50 Marks

Quantitative Aptitude 

50 Marks

Numerical Aptitude

50 Marks

To get further knowledge regarding the specific things that you need to study when preparing for SSC CGL examination are available in the leading websites.

Top websites to refer for the preparation of SSC CGL

It is obvious that covering such a vast syllabus might take a long time. Moreover, a candidate might lose track when it comes to finishing a module successfully. Apart from books, a person can go through the following websites:

  • has high audience traffic in the country as it provides both study materials and mock test question papers to the candidates. By visiting, you can get the study materials for the total syllabus of SSC CGL. 


If you want to get access to a well-structured model of SSC CGL study materials, can be the right place for you. You can get exposure to some of the unique questions. There is a different segment of questions for the modules like reasoning and aptitude. 


You can visit the website to get the exposure to mock question papers. Solving these papers, you can expect to get an excellent score in the SSC CGL examination. If a candidate wants to test himself, he can choose to solve the mock test papers available on the website. As a result, there will be a chance for you to manage the time while giving the examination.

All the above websites give the SSC CGL candidates a chance to appear for the exam in a confident manner. However, it is very important for any student to make the necessary strategies and to follow them. Here, you can go through some preparation strategies:

Strategies for SSC CGL
Strategies for SSC CGL


SSC CGL examination: Preparation Strategies

Some of the most effective strategies for preparing for the SSC CGL examination are given below factually:

  • Gather all the knowledge regarding the exam pattern and the selection process. You can also go through the syllabus online to know about the specific chapters that are covered in each of the modules.
  • Look for the previous year’s question papers as it can give you a clear idea regarding the types of questions you will face during the examination. 
  • Always make a routine for your studies when preparing for the SSC CGL. The advantage of making a routine is that every module can be given equal importance.
  • Always search for the best books in the market. There are several publishers who publish a lot of books in accordance with the syllabus of the SSC CGL. Take good reference from any known fellow candidates or an expert trainer who has got the experience to train the candidates.
  • The subject wise study is always expected from the students as it can lead them to score better in the examination. If a student takes the strategy to start from the basics, it will be better to cover the NCERT books for subjects like history, geography, English and current affairs. 
  • Try to visit the website of NCERT and other educational web platforms that can help in SSC CGL preparation. 
  • Many candidates might face a problem in recognizing a numerical or a question related to reasoning when giving the examination. So, it can be a wise step to have some time when you can solve the problems on your own. It will help you to increase your confidence a lot. 
  • When taking the preparation, you must make sure to study for the SSC CGL examination in a selective manner. However, a student must never try to procrastinate the probable questions. It can be dangerous if a student avoids revising the main chapters. 

If you are planning to appear for the SSC CGL examination anytime soon, try keeping all the above facts in mind. It is not obvious that a candidate will be strong in all the subjects that are covered in the syllabus. In such cases, you can take the guidance of an expert who provides the coaching classes for SSC CGL and all other government jobs. However, make sure you get a tutor who takes reasonable charges.

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