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Who we are

We are a group of writers that love tricks using computers, smartphones or gadgets that make our lifes easier.

Guest Posts

Our Audience

Our audience are people that are interested in quick answers to their computer, smartphone and gadget questions and other related topics. We assist them with valuable articles.

Our topics:

We aim to answer questions this audience has. Our main topics are How-To guides, ideas, interesting hacks and also product reviews.

Guest post requirements


  • Check our blog to get a feeling of the content we post and the structure of articles.
  • Write a short bio about your company at the end
  • Write an intro in the beginning and conclusion paragraph in the end
  • Make sure to check whether a topic is coverred yet or not
  • 1500 words are the minimum
  • Add 1-2 internal links of www.rapidtricks.com
  • 1-3 backlinks and as per requirements of the search engines, nofollow


  • Redundant content, filler-words
  • Overly promotional content
  • Previously published or sponsored content
  • Stock images


Send your pitch with the following structure:

Send your message with subject guest post request” to rapidtrickscom@gmail.com


  • Guest Post – subject line
  • Something about you and how you can contribute to our blog with your guest-post
  • Proposed ideas: Topic title and description.
  • Writing samples: Please link to at least one existing publication. 

We’re looking forward to learning from and working with you!