Using 15 Different Yet Effective Color Combinations For Meta (Facebook) Ad Template

Studies suggest that 87% of the marketers in the United States will be using Facebook advertising for the successful marketing of their business in the near future. Of course, there is no place like Facebook when it comes to raising local awareness, increasing site traffic, infiltrating new audiences, and more.

But the problem is that determining the right Facebook ad template to run for reaching the targeted business objectives can be difficult. First, you will have to understand the different ad forms and their functionalities to effectively drive your Facebook marketing.

Here, color combinations can play an important role. Choosing the perfect color combo for your Facebook advertising campaign can be tricky. The ones detailed below will surely help you in developing your brand identity while serving as a brand asset, just like the company logo.

Positive and Bright Colors

Remember the carefree and relaxing color blend in the Airbnb display advertisement? You can create the same magic by using earthy brown and pale sky blue shades. This will be one sure-fire way of inducing a state of relaxation and calm.

But mind it, when you are going for this combination, make sure all the minuscule communication materials comply with design guidelines, including icons, information architecture, colors, and typography.

Break Out the Pastels

The pastel color is part of the family of low saturation and high luminance colors. Adding some white to the pastels can open up a whole new series of color psychology.

Using pastels is advantageous as they are romantic, peaceful, soothing, and, more importantly, they remind individuals of new beginnings instantly.

Yellow and Red- The Magical Combo

The yellow and red combination is a bold one that immediately draws the attention of an individual. Placing the name of the company in vibrant red against a yellow shade goes a long way in creating a sense of playfulness and energy. What say? Are you going for it?

Navy blue is the color that helps in putting forward the skill and the qualification of an establishment. On the other hand, black comes as the color of elegance and mobility. If you are looking to play the game of elites, then this color combo is for you!

Going the Neutral Way for Highlighting Important Features

It is not necessary to put down a bold statement in harsh contrasts and vibrant colors. Even the lack of colors or going the neutral way can convey important messages. Neutral backgrounds are a clear indication of an efficiency-focused and distraction-free environment.

Here, you can easily incorporate colors like pink, yellow, and blue in the perfect combination.

The Orange Zest

Very few people know that orange is the perfect blend of red and yellow. This color combo is perfect to be used for conveying positivity, warmth, enthusiasm, and joy. That’s the reason why amazon found the orange zest suitable for shopping joy.

The brand has even used black and white for balancing the sweet orange indulgence!

Setting Monochrome in Perfect Motion

No, it does not need to be white and black. Monochrome can be much more versatile than this. All you need to do is transform an ordinary image into a monochromatic one by using the blue color in place of black.

Green and Grey Puts Forward the Health Technology

Of course, green is always associated with nature. But this urban hue, when combined with grey, symbolizes organic, health, and well-being. While green is all about forests, trees, and grass, grey is about the technological and industrial revolution and the urban landscape.

This color blend is uncommon and surprising but has the power of creating a whole new world- the universe of health technology.

Yellow and Black for Some Intrigue and Mystery

Bright yellow comes filled with delight and energy while black speaks of intrigue and mystery. This color combination is for brands serving the entertainment industry. Your Facebook advertising template will attract users for sure if you go this way.

Seaside Blue

The blend of golden and soft blue is highly evocative of the seaside tranquility. It helps in creating a summery environment with a kind of relaxing feel to the same.

This color combination works best when it comes to promoting interior design solutions, children brands, water brands, clothing, and homeware essentials.

Pink and Purple

Ambition, playfulness, and warmth wrapped in one! The bright pink color used in any ad template sparks energy while purple serves as the mature counterpart. The blogging and beauty industries can do well by going for this color blend in their Facebook ad campaigns.

Vibrant Red and Fresh Green To Bring the Message Aloud

Red is for passion, while green is for health. And the perfect combo of red and green shouts out a happy and festive environment. Brands dealing in products and services meant to be used in the festive season can go for this color blend to make heads turn.

Earthy and Dark

Speaking of earthy and dark, it is quite easy for you to imagine a desert landscape in mind. Quite for sure, this color scheme is an unexpected combo more toned down than garish and bright.

Trying out the shades of reddish-orange and plum will make you an exclusive brand in the eyes of your prospects.

Green and Blue

It seems that green is the favorite color to be used in the ad templates. When combined with blue, it is a sure epitome of youthfulness, energy, and tranquility. This bright color blend works perfectly fine for companies serving the entertainment, media, and fashion industries.

Purple and Orange

Yet again, this is an exclusive color combination. Many businesses do not like taking risks by going this way. But the catch here is when this color blend works, it works most effectively.

The perfect pairing of eggplant purple and warm peach is both exclusive and elegant. This color blend should be considered by home furnishing, beauty, and fashion brands.


Perceiving the right harmony of different colors is something that people are born with. Nevertheless, recreating them naturally is an art that only a few possess. Going for the right color combo requires help from color theory specialists. Work on this, and you will find success with your Facebook advertising campaign.

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