How to use WhatsApp without Number – Method 2

WhatsApp without number

How to use WhatsApp without Number

WhatsApp without numberWhen you hear about “How to use WhatsApp without number”, you feel like? is it possible to use whatsapp without Phone number? answer is “YES” you can use whatsapp without phone number by using a Simple trick. When we loss our phone, in which your number and whatsapp was installed, and you want access your whatsapp account. That time the idea of “How to use WhatsApp without Number” came in your mind, and you start search the web for a trick to use your whatsapp without number. So today you came at right place and in this trick we will tell you about how you can easily access your whatsapp account without number. (it is the second method of using WhatsApp without Phone Number and it is quite easy also).

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Steps To use This Trick

  • First of All if you have installed whatsapp in your phone then Delete it First (Don’t Forget to Backup your Important Data).
  • After Deleting WhatsApp Successfully, Reinstall it From Google Play.
  • After Re-installation of WhatsApp, this trick will be start.
  • Now go to and select a number. (Check screen-shot below)

WhatsApp without number

  • Now open WhatsApp and enter your Selected number (which you selected from for whatsapp verification.
  • Now click on the number you have choosed for receiving the verification code.
  • There you will find the six digit verification code sent by whatsapp.
  • Copy the code and paste into whatsApp.
  • Now you are done enjoy.

So that is how you can easily access whatsapp without your phone number, don’t forget to share this cool trick with your friends and enjoy. Stay connected with us on social media and get all tips and tricks in news feed.

(Note: Don’t use trick for any illegal purpose otherwise you may stuck in bad circumstances).

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