How to use WhatsApp without Phone Number – Method 1

WhatsApp without phone number

How to use WhatsApp without Phone Number

WhatsApp without phone numberWhen you hear about “How to use WhatsApp without phone number”, you feel like? is it possible to use whatsapp without Phone number? answer is “YES” you can use whatsapp without phone number by using a Simple trick. (it is the First method of using WhatsApp without Phone Number checkout Second Method).

Steps To use This Trick

  • First of All if you have installed whatsapp in your phone then Delete it First (Don’t Forget to Backup your Important Data).
  • After Deleting WhatsApp Successfully, Reinstall it From Google Play.
  • After Re-installation of WhatsApp, this trick will be start.


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  • Now as you want to use whatsApp without phone number, So you will need to on Flight Mode of your phone (to not let whatsApp verify your number Automatically).

WhatsApp without phone number

  • Now open whatsApp and Type your phone Number for Verification.
  • As you activated flight mode on your phone, so WhatsApp will not be able to send message to its server to verify your phone number Automatically.
  • Now whatsApp will ask you to verify by Alternative Method, now you will need to choose “check through SMS” option.
  • Now enter your email Address here and click on Submit. then immediately click on cancel button.
  • Now you will need to Install an spoof Message app in your phone.
  • You can download Spoof Text Message app for Android and Fake A Message app for iPhone.
  • Now go to outbox and copy message details, and send it to the false verification.
  • Now use this given false details in the false verification process  {To: +447900347295 from +(country code) (mobile number) Message: Your Email Address}.
  • After this, a message will be send to the spoofed number and you will be able to use this number for whatsApp.

And Now you are ready to use whatsApp without any phone Number.

(Note: Don’t use trick for any illegal purpose otherwise you may stuck in bad circumstance).


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