How To Use WhatsApp On Any Phone(Full Guide)

Hi today we are going to tell you how to use whatsapp on android. We will explain briefly all the features of whatsapp in this tutorial, so read this article and learn how to use whatsapp in any android phone.

WhatsApp is the most used application in the world with its 900 million users as of January 2016. Every day a lot of peoples signup for WhatsApp in their android phone and start using the most successful instant messaging application in the world. But some of the new customers who have less knowledge about WhatsApp features have faced a little bit difficulty in using and understanding WhatsApp in beginning.

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They look for help online and ask some friends, but unfortunately, they would not get all the answers they want to ask in one place.

So this article we have made for WhatsApp beginners, and we have included almost all the features of WhatsApp with details. This article is made for all the devices, so whichever phone you are using you can learn all the features of WhatsApp here.

How To Use WhatsApp on Android or iPhone

How to use whatsapp

We will explain all the features of WhatsApp step by step, so let’s have a look on the features of WhatsApp.

  • If you don’t have WhatsApp application installed in your phone then you can download it from the link given below.

Download WhatsApp for Android

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

So now when you have installed WhatsApp successfully, open WhatsApp and start following the steps given below.

  • When you open WhatsApp you will need to enter your phone number and verify it, after verifying the number now you will have your WhatsApp profile activated.

Now the actual work will start, let’s have a look on step by step explanation of using WhatsApp.

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1. How to set Profile Picture or change name in WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp and click on “Menu” button.
  • From menu options click on “Settings”.
  • Click “Profile”
  • You can change your profile picture and name from here.

2. How to make a group in WhatsApp and add peoples in it

  • Click on the menu button.
  • Click on new group
  • Write group name and click Next.
  • Now add the peoples in the group.
  • That’s it.

3. How to send broadcast message

  • Click on menu button
  • Click New broadcast
  • Type names of the users you want to send message and click create
  • Now your broadcast message will be created you can message here and it will be delivered to all the peoples have added in the list.

4. How to change status on WhatsApp

How to use whatsapp

  • Click on menu button
  • Click on Status
  • Here you can write whatever is going on.

5. How to Use WhatsApp on PC

  • Click on menu button
  • Click on WhatsApp web.
  • Now type  in your PC browser.
  • Scan the QR code showing on the WhatsApp web from your phone and it will be instantly connected.

6. How to hide Last seen, Profile photo, Status or found blocked contacts

  • Click on the menu button.
  • Click on settings
  • Now Click on Account.
  • Click on Privacy
  • Here you can edit these all settings as you want easily.

7. How to Change Number on WhatsApp

  • Click menu button.
  • Now Click on settings
  • Now Click Account
  • Click on Change number.
  • Here you can change your WhatsApp number easily.

8. How to Delete WhatsApp Account

  • Click on menu button
  • Now Click on settings
  • Click on Account
  • Click on Delete my account.
  • Here you will have to write your phone number to delete the account.

9. How to Enable/Disable media auto download in WhatsApp

  • Click on menu button
  • Click on settings
  • Now click on Chats and calls.
  • Click on media auto download.
  • Here you can select download settings according to your needs.

10. How to Change Font Size, Change Wallpaper, make chat backup, Enable low data usage

  • Click on menu button
  • Now Click on settings
  • Click chat and calls.
  • here you can do all the things given above.

11. How to change notifications settings in WhatsApp

  • Click menu button
  • Now Click Settings
  • Click Notifications.
  • Here you can manage all your notification settings.

12. How to Block or unblock someone on WhatsApp

  • If you want to block someone on WhatsApp from your contact list.
  • Click on contacts tab
  • Select a friend (whom you want to block)
  • Click on his name and you will enter in his/her profile.
  • Now Click on menu button here in his/her profile
  • Click More
  • Click Block now that person will be blocked in WhatsApp.
  • If you want to unblock that person then just tap and hold the name of that person from your contact list and it will show you the option to unblock him/her.

Final Words:

So these are almost all the basic features of WhatsApp, which a user should know about how to use WhatsApp. We have made this article only for beginners of WhatsApp, who are just joined WhatsApp with a less or no knowledge about it.

Sometimes user asked for many queries regarding these small tips, so we have tried to describe all the possible tips of how to use WhatsApp on any phone. If you like the article then don’t forget to share it, especially with them who just joined WhatsApp. Refer peoples to this post so they can have all the answer of their WhatsApp queries at one place.

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