Today we are going to tell you “How to make start bar transparent in windows 8.

Windows 8 Versions

Windows 8 is one of the best operating system Microsoft has developed so far. when windows 8 was released in 2012 it comes completely in a new way unlike all the earlier windows versions. and also it is liked by all the users as its interface was awesome and quite convenient. after sometime Microsoft also released a new version of windows which named as win 8.1, Microsoft fixed all the issues in this version which faced by the users in win 8 .

windows 8 is available in different version in the market and all the versions has those own qualities and specification. win 8 is available in these versions as given below.

  • win 8 enterprises
  • win 8 home
  • win 8 professional
  • windows 8 RT

in later 2014 when windows 10 released it comes with various new features some features are given below.

  • Start bar Transparency
  • Microsoft edge
  • cortana
  • central notification center.
  • multiple desktop
  • Bit-locker

due to slow performance of windows 10 many users had downgraded their operating system to windows 8 or windows 8.1 but when they using those earlier version that’s why they are trying to find some windows 10 features in windows 8 or 8.1.

so we are going to show you How to make Start bar Transparent in Windows 8.

Steps to make start bar transparent

  • First of all move your cursor in bottom (left side) and click on win icon( in win 8.1 ).
  • Now on start menu move your cursor on top (right side).
  • Now click on settings icon.
  • And click on personalize tab.
  • Now find your desktop wallpaper in box.
  • And just click on it and done.


  • Now your start bar is transparent.

Enjoy 🙂

So what you think? Is not is easy? Yes of course it is very easy to make start bar transparent in windows 8.


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