5 Facebook Features you probably did not use

There are currently 1.6 billion users of Facebook around the world, but not all of them are using all Facebook Features.

Facebook Features

The numbers of Facebook users are growing rapidly day by day, and there is no decrease registered from last few years, in number of users of this Site.

But most of the users have little or limited knowledge of Facebook Features, so in this tutorial we are going to tell you the 5 hidden features of Facebook you probably did not use till now.

5 Great Facebook Features

Below we have briefly describes these 5 must use features of Facebook, let’s have a look

1. See First


Facebook Features


It is one of the the hottest feature of Facebook, which is recently provided by Facebook to it’s users. in this feature facebook gives us the facility to see someone special’s post on top, or in other words when you are not available on facebook and your friend posted something new and you miss their post, they will ask you have you seen their post? you will say No, because you missed that post when you was not online. so with this feature you can easily go to your friend’s profile and click on see first button. (Check Screenshot)

2. Activity Log


Facebook Features

It is also a very good feature of facebook, with the help of this feature, you can easily track your account’s all recent activities. so it is also prevent your account from unwanted use. if you see any abnormal activity of your account, then you can easily delete them and you can change your password instantly to prevent your account from misuse. (check screenshot)

3. Convert Facebook Profile Into a Page


Facebook Features

if you want to convert your Facebook profile into a page, then it is a feature for you. many peoples use this feature to get many likes on their Fan page and also it is quite easy to get likes on your Fan page by just converting your profile into a page.

  • First of all go to Profile to page Migration .
  • Now just click follow the easy steps fill your info.
  • And your profile will be convert into a page instantly, but you will have 14 days to move anything you want from your personal account or you can delete your page also in that time.

4. Save Now, Read Later


Facebook Features

When you open your facebook profile in hurry and you see a post that you want to look but you don’t have time to do that. so you can save that post to read later. so with this feature you will never miss a post, which you want to see. you can just easily click on save post and you can watch them later.(Check screenshot)

5. Download a copy of your Data


Facebook Features

In this feature you can easily download a copy of your  whole facebook data, it helps you to monitor everything about your profile at one place. it includes almost everything of your Facebook account.

Follow these steps to download your copy

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • click on General Account Setting Tab.
  • Click on Download a Copy of your Facebook Data.

These all are 5 must use Facebook Features you probably did not use, if yes then try Now.


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