How to Turn on Flashlight in Any Android by JUST Shaking Phone

A flashlight is an important feature of any smart phone, and it is an essential feature especially when there is no light around you. With the help of a flashlight, you can find your needy things by just turning on the flashlight of your phone. Flashlight plays the vital role in clicking pictures in dark.

Nowadays, there are many innovative apps are available in the market to turn on the phone flash by just shaking it once.

So today in this article, I am going to tell you the easiest trick to turn on your phone’s flash light. We are going to use a simple and light weight app in this tutorial which will help us to turn on our phone flashlight by just shaking it. So let’s get started!


MacroDroid, it is the latest app, specifically designed for the flashlight feature and much more. After downloading your few clicks are required then, you will be able to turn on flashlight in android only by shaking it. So, let’s have a look here. I am going to guide you few steps.

If you are a smart phone android user then, you only need to download MacroDroide app from play store to turn on flashlight in android It is so easy to use this app and it’s all over setting.

How to Turn on Flashlight in Any Android by JUST Shaking Phone

MacroDroid is an application that gives you a chance to set up a large number of various macros on your Android gadget. These macros are essentially triggered that initiate activity on your gadget at whatever point a progression of conditions is met. You can control many of your device activities which need to be set only.

  • Tap Templates Section

After downloading completely, just launch it in your current smart Android device, and after doing so, you will find there some sections like Macros, Add Macros, Templates, Setting, Forum and Export/import but, for Turn on flashlight only by shaking phone, you just have to go with Templates.

How to Turn on Flashlight in Any Android by JUST Shaking Phone

  • Find the Flashlight setting

After taping templates, you will find another 3 sub-sections; these are local, Top Rated and Latest. I am guiding you to make your flashlight automatic so you can easily open flashlight in Android.

Once you tap it, you will find the latest macro feature that is flashlight. After doing so you will be able to set your automatic flashlight mood that you desired.

How to Turn on Flashlight

  • Set the Shaking Mood

After pressing the above-mentioned flashlight button, you have to set further shaking mood as you can see in the image below as well.

How to Turn on Flashlight

In the last, you only need to set this automation and for this, you have to press the macro button as shown here.

How to Turn on FlashlightAfter completing the entire process leave the app. Then, test your flashlight action. When you shake the Android phone, your flashlight will get the message and will automatically turn on Hence, first you don’t need to unlock your device, then find the flashlight and turn it on. Simply shake your phone! Yes, this is more comfortable.

Once your work is finished, and you want to turnoff flashlight, then just again shake it. It will be off.

MacroDroid, this is an interesting app, you cannot only use it for your flashlight but it can automatic that each app you use. So, must download it and just make your life easy.

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