Top 10 Torrent Sites of 2017

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Today we are going to tell you the top 10 torrent sites of 2016. Torrent is a best place to download Movies, Software and almost everything. the best part of torrents,  which makes it first choice in downloading anything on the web is that it never fails in Downloading. also it resumes your stopped download, even after a month or after a long time as far as the link is available on the server.

TOP 10 Torrent Sites

1. Torrentz

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Torrentz is on the top of the list, as on the January 2016. the website was on the second spot back in 2008 and 2015, but in 2016 it tops the list of most popular torrent website in the world. According to Alexa rank, in January 2016 torrentz Global rank is 2741 making it the most popular torrentz search Engine.

2. The Pirate Bay

Top 10 Torrent Sites

The Pirate bay comes on the second spot in  the list, it was also the most popular torrent site in the world in recent time. the pirate bay was established in 2003 by the Swedish organization Piratbyran. According to Alexa rank, in January 2016 Thepiratebay Global rank is 100,499 making it second most popular torrent search Engine.

3. KickAss Torrents

Top 10 Torrent Sites

It is also abbreviated as KAT, the website was founded in 2008. In November 2014 kickass became the most visited torrent website in the world according to the Alexa Ranking.

4. Extra Torrent

Top 10 Torrent Sites

Extra torrent is also one of the top 10 most popular torrent sites. According to Alexa rank Extra Torrent Global rank is 46260 as on the January 2016.


Top 10 Torrent Sites

RARBG was founded in 2008 and in Dec 2008 it was closed for one week due to Legal Pressure from BREIN. many time this site was blocked in different regions due to many reasons. According to Alexa rank the site Global rank is 8465 as on the January 2016.

6. PickTorrent

Top 10 Torrent Sites

PickTorrent is a very simple and user Friendly website. this site rank is 60214 as on January 2016.

7. Torrent hound

Top 10 Torrent Sites

According to Alexa Rank on January 2016, the ranking of Torrent hound has declined from the previous 3 month and new decreased Global Rank for the site is 2533.


Top 10 Torrent Sites

Rank of the site is Tremendously growing day by day. the site rank as on January 2016 was 1632 which is excellent.


Top 10 Torrent Sites

The site was founded in 2005, it was dissolved in April 2015 after a hostile takeover of their Domains and brand by Encloud Limited. As of January 2016 Global site rank is 1441.

10. 1337X

Top 10 Torrent Sites

This site comes last in the top 10 torrent sites list as on January 2016. Rank of the site is badly declined in last 3 months, and the new rank in January 2016 is 3,457,481.

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