How to Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working Error

windows 10 calculator not working

Windows is one of the most popular yet widely used operating systems out there. However, despite being so famous, it has got some serious issues. And one such problem is the “Windows 10 Calculator Not Working.” In case if you are facing a similar issue and wondering how to fix windows 10 calculator not working … Read more

How to Recover Data Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

How to Recover Data Using EaseUs Data Recovery Software

We often end up deleting some of our important data from our computer. Even sometimes our flash drives get corrupted, and we end up losing valuable data. However, the good part is that when we delete something from our computer well, it does not get deleted completely. Instead, Windows makes the space available. But in … Read more

[Fixed] What is Windows Modules installer Worker – High CPU Usage

windows modules installer worker

Errors with Windows 10 is a pretty common thing. And I know the fact that whenever an error pops up, it is quite frustrating. One of such frustrating error is the “windows modules installer worker.” Windows 10 users often get to notice a message that says “Windows Modules Installer Worker process is using a large … Read more

How to Fix the Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error

How to Fix the Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt Error

Windows updates are essential for any system running Windows OS. It helps fight against difference malwares, help us to stay updated with the latest app releases. It also boosts the performance of the whole system. Also at times, it fixes various issues like service registration is missing or corrupt error. However, on one side, there … Read more