Package Disabler Pro APK Download [LATEST version]

Looking to download package disabler pro apk? Well if the answer is yes then read on.

As you are already aware of the fact that our smartphone comes with lots of pre-installed apps like Hangouts, chrome browser, google plus and so on. And the fact is that most of the android users do not even need those apps.

But still, these apps usages the smartphone’s battery and internet connections to run some background tasks. Hence there are quite a lot of people who uninstall those pre-installed apps. But the fact is that you cannot delete preinstalled apps in a straightforward way. You either root your smartphone to get rid of such apps. Or you can use the package disabler pro apk.

Now you must be wondering what is package disabler pro apk and how it can help you out? Well if you have similar questions in your mind. Then not to worry, let us explain the whole topic to you.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Introduction: Package Disabler Pro APK

Package Disabler is one of such applications that lets you disable the unwanted or pre-installed applications on your Android device.

As a result, the application will not be able to work in the background or receive updates from the Google play store. Also, the best part of the application is that you will not need to root your device.

The app can also be used for business purposes, where you can hand over a device to your employees by blocking some apps. In short, there are quite a lot of ways that you can use this APK.

However, the only con of the app is that it works with only Samsung Smartphones. So in case if you have any other smartphone, then sorry to say this app would not work on your phone.

So that was a quick introduction to the Package Disabler APK. Now let’s just talk about some of the top features that this app is offering.

Top Features of Package Disabler Pro APK

  • The app is capable of disabling and enabling any apps with ease.
  • It offers one-click bloatware removal feature and helps in identifying the Bloatware.
  • You can export your disabled list of apps to your external storage and import them whenever you want.
  • It offers batch operation so you can enable or disable multiple apps at once.
  • You can use the filter to show feature to see the disabled apps. Also, you can filter out the installed apps easily. Plus you will filter to show all the system apps.
  • For privacy, it comes with password protection.
  • You can quickly for an app using the search feature.

So these are the top features that Package Disabler Pro APK is offering. Now to give you a better idea about the APP, let’s talk about the ways you can use it.


  • Package Disabler APK is pretty helpful in improving the performance of your Android smartphone. Plus it will be able to free up space.
  • If you belong to the business users, then you can disable certain apps like Facebook, Browser and other ones.
  • As a parent, you might not want your kid to access all the apps out there. In such cases, you can use the Package Disabler APK to disable some apps and create a safe environment for your kid.

Now let’s talk about the ways to download Package Disabler Pro APK. Well to download the app, you can follow these steps:

Download Package Disabler Pro APK

package disabler pro apk
Package Disabler Pro Apk

To download the APK file, simply click on the below this download link. Once you click on the download link, the new window will open and you can download Package Disabler APK from that page.

Now that you have downloaded the APK file, the second question is that how to install the App?

Well before you go ahead and install the apk to your smartphone. You need to make sure that your smartphone supports app installation from unknown sources.

If your phone does not have the option enabled, then do follow these steps:

  • First of all, go to the Settings.
  • Then click Additional settings.
  • Now go to the privacy option.
  • Enable the “allow installation of apps from “unknown sources” option and you are all done.

Now you are all set to install the APK to your smartphone. To install Package Disabler Pro APK, follow these steps:

How to install Package Disabler Pro APK?

Step 1: First of all click on the APK file that you have downloaded to start the installation process.

Step 2: Now click on the install button and wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 3: Once installed you will find an open button. Click on it to launch the application, and you are all set to use it.

Wrapping Up:

So that was all for the Package Disabler Pro APK. Now go ahead and try downloading the app and see how it is working for you. Also for any questions, feel free to comment below, and we will surely help you out.

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