Top 10 Best Nova Launcher Themes for Android [Latest 2018]

Nova Launcher themes and setups are amongst the most revered things all Android users keep talking about. Many of who are using nova launcher for Android are keen to find the best nova launcher themes for their Android devices.

So we are here to provide you the TOP 10 Best Nova launcher themes for Android devices for free.

A very interesting feature is that all users can now create their own themes. If you want to pick up from what’s best in the box, here is a list of our favorite ones that top the charts!

10 Best Nova Launcher Themes for Android

So below is the complete list of best nova launcher themes that you can download on your Android device and make your Android looks unique and beautiful.

Polycon Theme and Icon Pack

This design is sure to make your phone look sleek and clean. The most distinguishing feature of this one is the option to change every icon on the app pack. The icons available are compatible with almost all apps out there.

Also, the theme has 20 high-resolution wallpapers to make your device looks amazing. So what are you waiting for? just download the Polycon theme icon pack for Nova launcher from the download link given below.

Download Here

Min Theme and Icon Pack

Nova launcher themes
Min – Icon Pack – Nova launcher themes

If you’re a minimalist; this one’s for you. It is based in two colors: black and white only. This aids in humungous battery saving and helps your phone last longer. This comes free with the basic version of the app.

Download Here

Voxel Theme and Icon Pack

If you’re looking for a sporty look to adorn your phone; this one is amongst your best bets. There is a clear distinction between the apps and the background thanks to the elevated style adopted in this theme. Keep it cool!

Download Here

Rondo Theme and Icon Pack

If color and vibrancy are what your phone screens should depict; this is the best app for you. The rounded apps and rounded corners all around the phone transform the entire experience. There are over 20 wallpapers which truly cut the deal.

Download Here

Moonshine Theme and Icon Pack

Something that is very easily available in the Google App Store; this one is inspired by all the rumors out there. A very sleek material design for the dashboard is offered by this theme. Coupled with all the wallpapers; it gives a nice vibe to the phone.

Download Here

Gold theme and icon pack

This one needs no explanation. Formed in the rich tones of white, black and gold; if you want to keep it nice and classy; this is the one for you. It makes all that it touches look truly royal.

Download Here

Retro theme and icon pack

If you’re looking for something old and treasured that can make you feel dreamy; this is the perfect pick. This theme transforms the entire outlook of your app and takes you back to the days of yore.

Download Here

Light Void Theme and Icon Pack

If you are someone who likes their home screen neat and clean; yet cannot overlook the necessary apps this is your best bet. The app is developed in pastel, subdued colors to ensure they do not pinch your eyes.

Download Here

Cygnus Dark Theme Icon Pack

A very compact size theme; this one is the stuff of your dreams. With very beautifully crafted backgrounds setting the pace; this theme has tinted edges and soft shadows.

Download Here

Greyscale theme and icon pack

If fifty shades of gray are what you want to transform your phone; this one is a god served to you. The simplicity and uniqueness of this theme truly stand out in itself.

Download Here


So above are the best nova launcher themes for Android that will make your device looks modern and unique with lots of customizing options.

I hope you liked this article on themes for nova launcher. We did a lot of research from our end before finalizing the top 10 best free nova launcher theme for you guys.

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