How to Unlock Bootloader in Android

How to Unlock Bootloader

How to Unlock Bootloader

“How to Unlock Bootloader” When you want to install a custom ROM in your Android phone then first of all you need to unlock its Bootloader. After unlocking bootloader you will be able to install any custom ROM in your android device.


Custom ROMS are aftermarket android distributions. These are used to add new features or new android version to any Android phone, without an official firmware release for the device.

What is Bootloader

Basically Bootloader is a code which is executed before any operating system starts to run. Initially bootloader is executed before any software in your device, every motherboard has its own boot loader. Android device manufacturers lock their device’s  bootloader  to prevent installing custom ROMS on Android devices.

Why Android’s Bootloader are Locked?

Android device’s bootloaders are locked by the manufacturers of the device to prevent installing any custom ROM on the device. Actually bootloader is locked for the safety of Android phones, because it voids the phone’s warranty and also when a user install a custom ROM in their device then it may results into damage of phone’s software or affect its hardware. to prevent this loss manufacturers lock the bootloaders.

How to Unlock Bootloader

Note: Unlocking Bootloader will erase all data from internal memory of your phone.

There are several ways to unlock Boot Loader some are given below

  • Root

If your phone is rooted then you don’t need to unlock boot loader because not every but some devices needs root before unlocking boot loader.


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  • Install CyanogenMod

If you are going to install CyanogenMod in your device then you don’t need to unlock Boot loader because it will automatically unlock the bootloader for you.

  • Superboot

Superboot unlock the device’s bootloader and it also contain the fast boot as well.

Each devices has unique hardware characteristic including a motherboard which requires it’s own Individual Bootloader. So there is not any universal method to unlock bootloaders and requires different procedure and different toolkit for different brands.

So in this Article we will prefer a Sony Mobile to unlock its bootloader.

Checkout this guide to unlock bootloader on Sony: Sony Bootloader Unlock




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