How to remotely lock lost android device, wipe data..

Lost Android Device? Don’t worry, you came at right place.

lost androidAndroid undoubtedly became the biggest platform among smart phone users in current time, android users loves android because they know nothing is better than android. You are reading this article because probably you are an android user and you may have some important or personal data in it which you don’t want to get accessed by anyone except you. You are not alone here, everyone have their personal data in their lost android phones such as contacts,pictures,files etc. But most of us don’t think about that if we lost our phone somewhere then? All the data will be lost and may be unwillingly founded by someone suspicious, who may misuse your phone as well as Phone’s data.

Now you Don’t need to worry atleast for your personal data because technology reaches to the next level, and android provides us the facility to protect our phones from unwanted use. You can not only remotely lock your lost android device but also you can do many things to your phone remotely.

How to remotely lock lost android device

There are two ways to control your device remotely but we will prefer one which is easy and have lots of features.

What you can do remotely

  • Read SMS (Read SMS and send them to your email address)
  • Remote control alarm (if your phone was on silent mode you can sound its alarm from PC)
  • View on map (Find the location of your phone on the map)
  • Send SMS from your PC (send messages to your phone from PC)
  • Lock the phone (Lock or unlock phone remotely)
  • Wipe phone data (Wipe all the data remotely from your lost android phone)
  • Pop up messages on the phone (send popup messages)
  • Forward calls (forward call to nearby phone)
  • No battery use (No battery will be using in the process)
  • Read  status (Detect how much battery is left, display IMEI etc.)
  • SMS command (start the alarm by sending an sms)
  • Erase SD card (wipe your SD card by just one click)
  • SIM card changed (Sim card change SMS will be sent to owner’s email)
  • Call list ( A list of incoming calls and outgoing calls will be sent to owner)
  • Text to speech (You can make your phone speak out loud)
  • Browse content (Browse the content on the phone directly from the webpage)


How to do 

  1. Download the Application from here APK
  2. Open the application and register your phone.
  3. Now open your Laptop or PC and go to Android lost
  4. Sign in using your Google Account.
  5. You will get a congratulation popup on the web.
  6. Now click on control Menu.
  7. And start controlling your phone remotely.
  8. Enjoy.


Don’t you think it is so amazing to remotely control your lost android device? Tell us in comment box.



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