How to Remotely Access Android Phone (Full Control)

Remotely access Android Phone

Today we are going to tell you how to remotely access android phone, you can access your android phone by another android phone and also you can access your phone by PC using the apps given below. There are many apps available on android market which makes our tasks so easy, with the using of simple and easy applications we can do many things with our android phones. As we all know android is nothing without it’s amazing applications, applications are the most important part of android. There are millions of peoples using android around the world and very few of them are aware of some awesome and extra ordinary applications of the massive operating system, Utilizing the android applications allows us to use our phone in more entertaining way.

So today we have brought to you some awesome applications, which you can use to remotely access android phone easily.

How to Remotely access Android Phone

Use the apps given below to access your android phone using another android phone or PC.

1. Team Viewer for Android

Team Viewer is the most popular software for remotely access one computer from another, now the application is available for android users too, so you can use the application to remotely access android phone from another phone and also you can use PC to access your android phone. let’s have a look on Instruction video.

Download Here: Team Viewer


2. Screen Share (Phone)

Screen Share is allows users to share music,videos, pictures etc with wireless connectivity, the version is an full release without any advertise. User can share there phone’s screen and access one phone from another, it is fast and convenient mobile application for sharing data and phone’s screen. Let’s have a look on instruction video.

Download Here: Screen Share (Phone) 


3. RemoDroid

RemoDroid allows users to access any android device using any other android device, PC or Mac. One mode of the application requires Root, by which you can share phone’s screen with any other android phone by just pressing stream button. Currently the application is in beta state, but you can still use it on any android device and share your experience in comments section below. Let’s have a look on instruction video.

Download Here: RemoDroid


4. VNC Viewer for Android

VNC Viewer for android is the open source application for remotely controlling the android device, it has lots of customizable features and connects to most vnc servers like Real vnc, Inc Tight vnc etc. This application is a little bit difficult to use for those who are not familiar with these type of features although it is good application for remotely control android phone using another android phone.

Download Here:  VNC Viewer for android


5. is was initially developed for conference meeting on phone, the application allow users to connect at one place from different places. Later the feature of sharing android phone’s screen has developed for the users for a better experience. The application has a lot of features to use and interface of the application looks very user friendly.

Download Here:


So those are the top applications for sharing phone’s screens and remotely access android phone from another phone, PC or Mac. Share the article with your friends and let them know about these useful applications of android, share your android phone screen with your friends and enjoy the android in more entertaining way. So enjoy these applications and Remotely access android phone of your friends. Stay connected with us, and don’t forget to share the article with your friends because “sharing is caring”.

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