How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version With Serial Key

How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version
How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version

Recently few of my blog readers have asked me about “How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version with Serial Key.” But I can’t provide it to them one by one. So I decided to write a post on it instead of telling one by one. So that all my blog readers will know how to download Camtasia Studio Latest Version with Serial Key or Crack.

Every video editor and YouTube publisher know “What is Camtasia”, and they simply love it because of its awesome features to edit and produce videos.

Before going deep into the trick of cracking Camtasia Studio 9. First, we will talk about what is Camtasia Studio. So all my readers will know about Camtasia Studio, and they can download and crack it if they need it. So let’s talk about “What is Camtasia.

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What is Camtasia?

Camtasia or Camtasia Studio is a software suite which is created and published by Tech Smith (A Software Company). The Camtasia Studio is used to create Video tutorials and presentations directly via the screencast.

The user can freely choose the screen area to be recorded, and also user can record the music or any other multimedia at the same time.

Camtasia also works with the Microsoft Powerpoint, which helps users to be more creative in their work. So now I think you understand what is Camtasia Studio, so let’s talk about getting Camtasia¬†studio full version for free and crack it easily.

How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version

Camtasia studio is available to download for free with 30 days trial membership. You can download Camtasia from here, open the URL and click “Get Started For Free”. This will let you download Camtasia with 30 Days Trial membership.

Now after download we will activate the software for lifetime use, so follow the steps given below to activate or crack Camtasia studio.

How TO Crack Camtasia Studio

You just need to follow few simple steps to permanently activate Camtasia Studio software. So let’s see “How to crack Camtasia studio permanently.

Note: If you did not download the Camtasia Studio yet then first download it from the link given above.

  • First of all, download the Crack files to activate the Camtasia studio from Here.
  • Now open the crack file and there you will find 3 files named as “Keygen, Read me, RegInfo”.
  • First open the “Read me” file, there you will see two methods of activating or cracking the camtasia studio. Read all the instructions carefully to successfully activate the camtasia studio.

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Here I am going to tell you one method only which is very easy and simple. Follow the simple steps and you are all done.

  1. Open the readme file and copy all the entries giving there.
  2. Open The drive in which you installed the windows (Usually it is Local Disk: C).
  3. Navigate to Windows > System 32 > Drivers > etc > Hosts
  4. Open the hosts file in text editor and paste all the entries you copied at the bottom and save it.
  5. Now open the “Keygen” file given in the crack and generate a key using it.
  6. This will also generate a keyfile named “RegInfo.ini” in the current keygen directory.
  7. Copy the Generated “Reginfo.ini” file and paste it in the “Local Disk: C/%programdata%\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 9\”.
  8. Overwrite the file if necessary and that’s it.
  9. Now you have successfully cracked Camtasia studio for the lifetime.
  10. Enjoy!

So above i have told you “How To Download Camtasia For Free Full Version”. If you face any problem in activating the Camtasia studio then let me know in the comment section below. Hope you like the article, Please don’t forget to share it with others.




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