Download Fire Emblem Heroes Apk for Android [Latest 2018 Version]

I know most of you are already excited about the news, the most popular Nintendo’s second smartphone game, Fire Emblem Heros is now available all across the selected countries. So what are you still waiting for? Just go ahead and download Fire Emblem Heroes Apk for Android devices.

Fire Emblem Heroes APK For Android

Well before providing you the download link of Fire Emblem Heroes mod Apk, firs,t let’s know more about Fire Emblem heroes game and its features.

You can play this game right away if you own an Android device. There are many sites online which has the fire emblem heroes Apk, but for you, we have hosted it over here. You can download fire emblem heroes mod Apk right from our website. So before getting started, there are a few of things which have to be taken care of and I will talk about them in the next para.

How to Download & Install Fire Emblem Heroes APK

fire emblem heroes APK For Android
fire emblem heroes APK For Android
  • Head over to the settings in your device
  • Click on Security, which is mentioned as privacy in some of the devices
  • Then head on to unknown sources
  • Now simply tap over Allow installation of apps from unknown sources, and this will basically allow you to install Fire Emblem Heros without any interruptions.
  • Now just click here for fire emblem heroes Apk download
  • And now you just need to go to the settings and then install the app so that you can use it

With the help of these steps, you can easily download both the normal Apk and also the fire emblem heroes hack Apk regardless of which country you live in.

We have personally downloaded this app from various locations on to different devices and it just works fine without any errors. But then again, there are basic requirements for this app to run on your device, you need to make sure that your device runs at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow and has 2GB of RAM.

Now if you are wondering how huge the game is, it is just 52 MB and it is not going to eat much of your data.

Some Important Features:

  • The overall limit on Hero Merit has now increased to 4,000
  • Now you’ve got number of additional possibilities in the Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery
  • All the users can check the battle map even before the battle is been added
  • Bug Fixes

So if you are still wondering what this game is all about, Fire Emblem Heros is a fully packed adventurous game which is both fun and also exciting at the same time.

Basically, this game is a world in which you have two different kingdoms, the Emblian Empire and the Askren Kingdom. So while playing this game, the user will be having special powers using which they can call all the legendary heroes from different parts of the Fire Emblem world.

So in total, there are 4 different modes which are available to play –

1.Story Maps – This is the default mode in which you can lead your own army and can save your kingdom

  1. Training Tower – In this training mode it will help the users to change according to the time
  2. Arena Duals – In this mode, you can easily fight against all the other players from all the different parts of the world. You’ll be gaining points if you win the battle and also you can top the leaderboard.

Final Words:

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If you are facing any difficulty or any type of issue while downloading or installing fire emblem heroes APK on your Android then feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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