How to know if someone ignored your Friend Request on Facebook

Friend Request

Facebook improving its service day by day to give peoples an awesome experience of using Facebook. But many of Facebook users don’t use its useful features to make their life more easier and convenient on Facebook. Currently Facebook has mammoth 1.6 billion users worldwide, which is just excellent for a social Networking site. Without any … Read more

5 Facebook Features you probably did not use

Facebook Features

There are currently 1.6 billion users of Facebook around the world, but not all of them are using all Facebook Features. The numbers of Facebook users are growing rapidly day by day, and there is no decrease registered from last few years, in number of users of this Site. But most of the users have … Read more

How to message Someone who blocked you on Facebook

How to message Someone who blocked you on Facebook

Today in this article we will share an awesome trick with you on “How to message Someone who blocked you on Facebook”. Undoubtedly it is the most irritating thing when someone blocked you on Facebook  and you can’t do anything except just being compelled and wait for them to unblock you. But if you are … Read more