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About me - ADIL SHAH
About me – ADIL SHAH

About Me

I am Adil shah, by profession i am Civil engineer and a part time blogger. I love technology and my interest area are SEO, Web development, Internet Marketing, etc. Blogging has always been my interest area. I always work hard to know more and more about Internet,Blogging, Css, PhP, SEO, Internet Marketing and much more. learning about Cyber world is always been my passion, i love Blogging and i am sharing my knowledge with my readers on my blog. I am not an expert but love to learn these things and sharing what i gain. i am continuously learning about web development, SEO, etc. 

I am only individual owner and author at my blog so far, but i believe in creating a team for providing as much knowledge as possible to my readers. I love to explain all the tech tutorial in details and that is what my readers like about my blog. They got full detailed explained articles on my blog, not half or less explain tutorial which create difficulty in applying without full instructions. Before posting any article, first i check it my self and collect all the mandatory information to know about that article for my readers. So that they can easily understand full articles and don’t face any difficulty in using any tricks provided on my blog.

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