10 Amazing facts about Android

10 Amazing facts about AndroidWe have collected 10 Amazing Facts about Android  which most of the Android users Do not know  about Google’s Massive operating  system. Android is growing day by day and currently it is the mostly using operating system. android has so many features which attract users towards it, in comparison to the other operating systems android gives the users many reasons for using it instead of others. many users loves android for its millions of great applications, many uses android for its incredible customizations, and many loves it for developing awesome applications.

All the android users loves it, but still they don’t know many amazing facts about this massive operating system which makes it to dominate the smart phones market.

So today we have brought to you “10 amazing facts about Android” which most of android users did not know.

10 Amazing facts about Android


1. Android was not founded by google

Yes you read it write, Android is not founded by google. Android was founded by Andy RubinRich Miner, Nick Sear and Chris White in October 2003 in Palo Alto, California. Later in 2005 google inc. acquired Android operating system for $50 Million. after acquisition of android by google, rumor began to circulate that google was planing to enter in mobile phone market with this move. the rumors has changed in reality and google marketed the platform to the handset makers and promised to provide a flexible upgradeable system.

2. Google Launched android in 2007

Google has launched the operating system in November 2007. the operating system has initially been developed for cameras, but google saw potential for using the OS for smart phones, and worked on a lot more features for it. after doing all the mandatory task to make it compatible for smart phones.

3. Android was initially developed for Digital cameras

The early intentions of google was to develop advance operating system for digital cameras. later google realize that the market for the digital cameras has not large enough to use this advance operating system only for digital cameras. so google decided to producing a smart phone operating system that would rival Symbian and Microsoft windows mobiles.

4. HTC “Dream” was the first android smartphone

The first android operating system based smart phone was HTC’s Dream, HTC has launched the smart phone in 2008. HTC used the android version 1.0 in their first android smart phone “Dream”,later the operating system was upgraded to the 1.6 version due to experiencing some lacking in functionality. Overall the operating system was considered to be innovative.

5. Android has more than 1 billion users

Google CEO sunder pichai has announced that the android has over 1 billion users worldwide in more than 190 countries worldwide, which makes it the largest smart phone operating system. Android users are growing day by day, every new day more and more people are turning to android making it the most powerful operating system so far.

6. Android is open Source

Google offers android system to mobile phone manufacturers without  any payment for its license. it helps android to attract more smart phone’s manufacturers and also android developer.

7. Google Earn From Android Advertising

Despite offering android to smart phone manufacturers without any payment of license, android still makes a huge amount of money by advertising on google. google is always advertising king and it continues its kingdom by implementing advertise on smart phones, tablets and other android based devices.

8. Android Version Names

Apart from 1.0 and 1.1 all the other android version have been named and all the names are chosen alphabetically .

The Names of different android versions are:


• Android 1.5


• Android 1.6


• Android 2.0

• Android 2.1


•Android 2.2


•Android 2.3


• Android 3.0

• Android 3.1

• Android 3.2

Ice Cream Sandwich

• Android 4.0

Jelly Bean

• Android 4.1

• Android 4.2

• Android 4.3


• Android 4.4


• Android 5.0

• Android 5.1


• Android 6.0


9. Android Naming

Android version follows alphabetic order in their naming, lets see the naming order.

  1. A for Astro – 1.1
  2. B for Bender – 1.1
  3. C for Cupcake – 1.5
  4. D for Donut – 1.6
  5. E for Eclair – 2.0
  6. F for Froyo – 2.2..
  7. G for Gingerbread – 2.3..
  8. H for Honeycomb – 3..
  9. I for Ice Cream Sandwich – 4.0..
  10. J for Jellybean – 4.3
  11. K for KitKat – 4.4
  12. L for Lolipop – 5.0
  13. M for Marshmallow – 6.0


10.  Android is open marketplace for distributing apps

Android has allow users to modify the source code, Android was built from the ground up to enable developers to create mobile applications that take full advantage of specification that a handset has to offer. android offers great flexibility to the developers and smart manufacturers in adding features to the operating system.


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