10 Amazing Cool Websites You Never Knew About

Amazing cool Websites

10 Amazing Cool Websites you never knew

There are many websites available on internet which are very Popular and almost everybody knows about those websites. Some websites are less popular but have some certain visitors, who everyday browse those websites. On internet there are many websites which are of same niche but have different type of content quality and people browse websites which they like the most. But among all these websites, there are some interesting cool websites available on internet which are not very popular. Some websites became popular because of their niches, tons of people search interesting and popular content everyday and google shows different results for different searches.

Some websites are available on internet which are not common and mostly visitors comes direct on those sites, these websites have some interesting stuff for fun and entertainment.

So in this tutorial we are going to tell you the most Amazing cool Websites available on internet, you probably don’t know about those.

Checkout these “10 Amazing Cool websites”


 1. Hackertyper

Hackertyper is one of the 10 amazing cool websites, you can prank your friends by showing them your coding skills and speed on this website. To prank your friends you just have to open this website and type anything you want it will automatically convert your keywords into coding.

Cool Websites


2. Down for everyone or just me 

www.Downforeveryoneorjustme.com is an awesome website, just open this website and type the address of any website you want to check “is available or not”. you can easily know if any website is down for everyone or just for you, so now you don’t need to be confuse if any website is not opening on your PC just type the address and get info.

Cool Websites

3. 10minutemail

www.10minutemail.com is an website to generate fake emails for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes your fake email will automatically dissolve. you can use this fake email service for the confirmation of mail services if you don’t have your own email address.

Cool Websites

4. Fake name generator

“www.Fakenamegenerator.com” If you want to hide your identity from everyone, or you just love privacy. You can use this website to make a full fake ID, the website automatically generates full detail ID so you don’t need to think what to write in any section. open this website and copy the details and make your fake ID on any platform.

Cool Websites

Warning: Don’t use these tricks for any illegal purpose.

5. Take Screen Shot of any webpage

“www.Webcapture.net” here you can capture screenshot of any webpage, it is very useful website and very easy to use. To take a screenshot of any website just open this website and enter the URL of the site which you want to capture >  select image type > Click “Capture Web Page”.

Cool Websites

6. Virustotal

“www.Virustotal.com” is a free online virus scanner, if you download any file from internet or someone gives you any type of file which may contain virus, now no need to worry just open www.virustotal.com and choose file which you want to scan.

Cool Websites

7. Google NCR 

“www.google.com/ncr” when you open google in your internet browser, it automatically redirect you to your country domain like google.in or google.us or google.uk. If you want to remove this restriction of country and just want to brows google web, so just type the address given above and it will remove your country restriction.

8. Time and date

“www.timeanddate.com” If you want to calculate actual difference between two dates or you want to actually knows how old are you, so this website is for you here you can also knows the weekdays you were born.

Cool Websites

9. Real time visibility into global cyber attack

“www.norse-corp.com” as the description above suggested the main aim of the website, you can see real time DDoS attack taking place all over the world. you can see the detailed info of attacks such as attacking IP and attack types and lots of other info.

Cool Websites

10. Kickass (Destroy the web)

“www.kickassapp.com” If you are bored at home and want to have some fun, just open the website and get ready for some fun. Here you can attack on any website just open the URL on browser and start attacking others and enjoy.

Cool Websites

We have collected this list of 10 most Amazing cool websites around the world, do you know about more interesting and cool websites? tell us in comment box.


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